SaleX Launchpad

SaleX is the DeFi Launchpad built for nascent crypto enthusiasts and native developers. Launch your next crypto project in hours or less, raise funds and distribute liquidity through ICOs.

Token Launch

SaleX makes launching your crypto token easier than ever, with seamless interface to streamline the ICO process and starting or joining an ICO

Token Lock

Control your project's liquidity as you build your community by locking/vesting qauntities of your token for a period of time on xLock.

Token Mint

SaleX helps you create your own cryptocurrency token in seconds, with an easy to understand user interface built for YOU.

Token Stake

Earn returns for holding and locking certain quantities of your token on SaleX, all stakers are an integral part of SaleX's liquidity security and stability.

Token Airdrop

Share tokens to thousands of your early community members or biggest supporters in minutes with a single click on xDrop.

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